Kenenaes Hartaes
Born July 1st 2430, Blannc, Kanderarch
Died March 2nd 2492
Race Natogytt
Gender Male
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Teal
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Faction Republic Shrine Republic
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Faction History Republic Shrine Republic 2430-2492

Epsilon1 USR Epsilon Squadron 2451-2464

Psi USR Elite Psi Squadron 2464-2492

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Kenenaes Hartaes was a USR General that fought during the Sniverian Civil War and the Shrine Wars, he sacrificed himself at the end of the Shrine wars, becoming the Natogytts greatest hero.

Sniverian Civil War Edit

Hartaes was drafted into the Shrine Republic army in the 2450's and sent into Epsilon Squadron where he served for years.

he was involved in the raid agaisnt Germandt but failed.

The Shrine WarsEdit

Hartaes dueled Kaiser Kormandt in 2485 and defeated him, though Kormandt escaped, years later His forces captured Sniveria's capitol, he returned to space to celebrate, on March 2nd of 2492 he plunged his lightly armed ship into the hull of Germandt's own cruiser killing them both but preventing the deaths of 14 officers, including Leo Taigo and Chairo Durblum .

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