Krovan Kernal
Vital statistics
Type Terrestrial, Moons: 1 Ckrova
Climate Earth like, Green skies atmosphere mildly toxic to humans

Continents 5:






Sector Solarian
Faction Krovan Krovan Protectorate
System Ynaros
Natives Krovan
Discovered -
Discoverer -
Existent Yes
Faction History Imperium2 Psion Imperium 4832-2552 BCE

Imperium Styyularen Empire 2500 BCE - 29 CE

Krovan2 Krovan Empire 29-2200

Krovan Krovan Protectorate 2200-?

Kernal is a jade colored planet in the Solarian sector it is the home of the Krovans and the Krovan Protectorate a faction closely allied with the UTSEA, despite this being the Krovan homeworld an ancient nuclear war between several empires devastated the planet forcing most of the population to flee to it's habitable moon calling themselves the "Ckrova" (a Kernalese word for moon people) eventually they created the Styyularean Empire and later the Krovan Empire.

History Edit

Psion Imperium Colony Edit

Nuclear Holocaust Edit

Styyularen Empire Edit

Pechki-Styyular wars Edit

Krovan Schism Edit

The Third Great Solarian War Edit

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