General's Armor
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Rigellian Ore {{{Rigellian Ore}}}
Supply 2
Production Center Enlistment Camp
Time Normal
Requirements General's Hall
Race Natogytt
Hypertype Biological, Psionic
Weapon N40 Tidal Wave (12)
Secondary Weapon Psionic blast (12)
Hit Points 80
Armor Type Light
Armor 1
Shields 40
Attack Type Concussive
Attack Type2 Normal
Size Small
Cargo size 1
Speed Normal
Atk Speed Slow
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Special Abilities
Ability 1 Psionic Amplifier
Ability 2 Defender's Shield
Ability 3 Psionic Cloak
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Kommandants are field commanders for the Natogytts used to coordinate infantry attacks on their enemies they're are handpicked by Psion Praetorians a process based on Psionic abilites, they're abilities are infantry support.

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