Krovan Protectorate
Founded October 19, 2581 BCE
Defunct -
Race Krovan
Denonym Krovan
Population 86,000,000,000
Leader Krokoser: Duvriduvzin
Secondary lead -
Head of State Krokoser (Kaiser)
Currency Jasus
Official Language Kenali
Formed from Krovan Empire
Strength 128 Fleets
Founding Document -
Preceded By TribeRed Aratia Tribe

TribeBlue Sargtur Tribe

TribeTeal Akilris Tribe

TribePurple Furingand Tribe

TribeOrange Aurigarm Tribe

TribeBrown Venadel Tribe

TribeWhite Shelrog Tribe

TribeYellow Velathan Tribe

TribeGreen Zertos Tribe

Alliance Centerpoint Alliance
Location Eastern Solarian sector
Capitol Max-Anr, Kernal
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

The Krovan Protectorate is a Military dictatorship in the Solarian sector, they are the closest allies to the UTSEA.

Psion ImperiumEdit

For over a hundred thousand years, the Psion Imperium ruled the Solarian sector with an iron fist...

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