Lanse Shirian Republic (SA2)
Founded September 7, 5510 BCE
Defunct -
Race Natogytt
Denonym Lansen
Population 92,762,733 (census 2500)
Leader Kal Nedis: Leo Lacereo
Secondary lead Nedis: Suni Lacereon
Head of State Kal Nedis
Currency Rarchs
Official Language Shirian
Formed from USC Colony of Lanse (Colony S-14)

SalFleet Brachen Sal's Party

Lanzerarch Lanzerarch Party

Strength 10 Squadrons
Founding Document Brachen Sal's Negotiations
Preceded By USC Colony of Lanse (Colony S-14)
Alliance NewSapphirianFlag New Sapphirian Alliance
Location Central Sapphirian Sector
Capitol Azulon, Lanse
Now Part of Lanse Lanse Shirian Republic

The Lanse Shirian Republic, also known as the Lanse Nation is a Natogytt Faction in the central Sapphirian Sector, it is the second oldest Natogytt Government in the sector, having never been conquered, never falling to revolution, the LSR is often noted as an anchor of stability in a war turn sector.

History Edit

Colony of Lanse (S-14) Edit

Lanse was the 14th Colony of the Legacy of the Tygotan Empire, founded by Arbel Fardol, once revolution struck the sector the colonies united against the LTE and with the help of local powers they removed the LTE from the sector

Shrinen's Expansion Edit

Following the Civil War Shirier Shrinen II began to wrest control of the Sector himself and sent troops to resisting Colonies, Capricon, Tygotan II and Borelus, Lanse used this to quietly declare their own independence under the Lanzerarch party, still Shirier Shrinen sent forces to Lanse and occupied the planet from 5510 - 5499 BCE in that year a frustrated Colonist by the name of Brachen Sal would challenge the occupation

Rise of Brachen Sal Edit

Brachen Sal was a second generation Colonist tasked with managing the terraformation of Lanse, he would get swept up in the anti-Shrinen sentiment and would rise through the ranks with his speeches against them, having intimate knowledge of the planet he would be nigh impossible to apprehend, eventually his words would change the landscape, the population of Lanse revolted and destroyed Shrinen controlled factories until 5494 when the Kal Nedisorp of the Confederacy recalled the troops back to Shrine, giving the Lansen's de-facto independence once more.

Colony of Sauria Edit

Modern Lanse Edit

Dominant Faction of planet Lanse
Sector: Sapphirian, Time: 5494 BCE - ?
Preceded by
SConfederacy Shirier Shrinen's Confederacy 5510 - 5494 BCE
Succeeded by
none, incumbent

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