List of Dominant Factions on Earth
Start End Faction Species Lost Control
2686 BCE 2181 BCE Old Kingdom of Egypt Human -
206 BCE 220 Han Dynasty Human Civil War
27 BCE 1453  Roman Empire/Byzantine Empire human Corruption, invasions
1206 1368 Mongol Empire Human Corruption, Chinese Retribution
1583 1914 British Empire Human World War I
1933 1945 Nazi Germany Human World War II
1945 1991 Soviet Union Human Great Politics mess up
1945 2015 United States of America Human World War III
2014 2015 Night Tech Human Battle of Sonora
2014 2014 Nuclear Ravagers Human? Battle of Metrotech
2015 2015 SkyTech Human Kaiser's Unification
2015 2066 UTSEA Human Vramese Occupation
2066 2068 Vramese Empire Vramese Battle over Antarctica
2068 2518 UTSEA Human Fall of Antarctica
2518 2523 Cerdarian Swarm Kandlia/Terran Battle of New Metrotech
2523 2600 UTSEA Human Oya invasion

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