List of AVS Premaris'
Start End Name District Result Term
Yenozenon Hensway
Roen Ardenne
Sollus Sphere
Myn Hensway
Poroc Vodec
Nantene Hemsway
Raark Spherianus XI
Herord Tygore
Materone Amriyo
Demitrosozone Gerard
Gerard Morogo
Vorterland Ainlend
Ardenne Vespetroq
Mauryan Sugof
Defyan Divad
Rakp Vurduun
Har Ravkoff
Pastatii Ardenne
Arctus Sugof Northsphere
2508 Alexis Sugof Northsphere
2509 2523 Ionus Maardin Gormandy

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