Start End Faction Species Lost control
- - Ty'Ger Tribes Ty'Ger Captured by Arc'Belaren
- - Arc'Belaren Arc'Belaren, Ty'Ger Lent to the Ty'Ger
120,000+ BCE 6981 BCE Psion Imperium Ty'Ger Sold to the Relicants
5552 BCE 5541 BCE Tygotan Empire Natogytt Rebellion
5541 BCE 5525 BCE United Sapphirian Colonies Natogytt Secession
5525 BCE 4601 BCE Shirier Shrinen's Confederacy Natogytt Regime change
4591 BCE 3673 BCE Empire of Shrine Natogytt Occupation by Boreluzians
3673 BCE 3673 BCE Boreluzian Empire Natogytt Driven out by Shrinen rebels
3673 BCE 3039 BCE First Shrine Republic Natogytt Regime Change
3039 BCE 239 BCE Great Natogytt Empire Natogytt Regime Change
239 BCE 238 BCE Kandaris Horde Natogytt Destroyed
238 BCE 11 CE Second Shrine Republic Natogytt Second Brain plague
13 CE 37 Lacereon Kingdom Natogytt Bazankor invasion from Tserocana
37 98 Kuannam Bazankor, Natogytt Katzi Holocaust against the Bazankor
98 104 Katzi Shrine Natogytt Leader Assassinated
107 208 Saot Sao Empire Natogytt Defeat at the battle of Chir Bee
208 247 De'gerro Republic Natogytt Lacereon Invasion from the North
247 452 Lacereon Kingdom Natogytt Government change
452 567 Taigo-Lacereon Allied Kingdom Natogytt Civil War
567 750 Kel'Duras Natogytt Nuclear strike
750 797 Lacereon Republic Natogytt Peaceful transition
797 2208 Third Shrine Republic Natogytt Defeat in the Solarian-Sapphirian War
2208 2248 UTSEA Terran, Natogytt Peaceful transition
2248 2336 Psion Order of Kall Natogytt Peaceful transition
2336 2492 Republic Fourth Shrine Republic Natogytt Taigo Reformation
2492 Present Advanced United Sapphirian Republics Natogytt Incumbent

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