Formed Defunct Name Government Founder(s) Current Leader(2513) Capitol Founding




UTSEA UTSEA Union of Republics (Supreme Overseer)

Matt Tygore

Anderson Gustav

John Ranson

Jack Cerda

Drake Liska

Roshi Makenishi

Carolina P. Tygore

John E. Ranson

Nick Jenson

Kaiser: Matt Tygore

2nd President: Cheyanne Makenishi

Antarctica, Earth

Victory at the battle of Antarctica during the Unification War.

Was founded to unite Earth under a one world government lead by

the Kaiser.

? 98,000+BCE HighArcHigh Antarctic Empire Empire of some sort ? - Antarctica or Ethiopa, Earth ?
2445 - Technocracy United Mayana Republics Union of Republics Earl Ricardo President: James Franco Cerada Michael's Crown, Mayana Was founded by people stranded on the lush world
2014 - Skytech SkyTech Militaristic Republic

Matt Tygore

Drake Liska

Carolina P. Tygore

President: Cheyanne Makenishi SkyTech City, Earth

Was founded by Matt Tygore, Drake Liska and Carolina an attempt to unite

their small armies

2510 - Chrishiela New Sovius Tranistional Government Phillip Grimes Admiral: Phillip Grimes Rememberance City, Sovius

Was founded after the Flash Freeze of Sovius, they are attempting to rebuild their

own government

2358 - A Terran Ascendency Theocracy (Arcbelarism) Prophet: Hammand Sexton Steward: Marko Aquilla Advance, Antioch Was founded by religious extremists to try to link up with the Arc'Belaren
2335 - Skywing SkyWing Covenant Democratic Republic President: Mikhail Aldo President: Richard Parley Black City, Amerigo Was founded by political enemies of the state to form their own nation on Amerigo
2506 - German Germanica Democratic Republic President: Friedrich Meinhoff President: Friedrich Meinhoff New Berlin, Belarsoft Colonized by the UTSEA in the 22nd century, gained independence n exchange for resources
2295 - Tau Tau Ceti Station

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