Lucius Opop
Born 2446, Ma-Arcadia, Capricon
Died He still lives
Race Natogytt
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Gold
Faction Gamma USR: Gamma Squadron
Occupation USR: Gamma Squadron Commander (Formerly)

BWS Second in Command

Faction History Gamma USR: Gamma Squadron 2464-2505

BlackWing Black Wing Squadron 2505-?

 Lucius Opop, is a Natogytt officer from USR: Gamma Squadron, son of Wertias Opop , he strived to be like his father.

Pre-Sector WarsEdit

He joined the military when he was 18 and fought for Gamma Squadron for over thirty years, he was the second highest ranking officer in Gamma Squadron.

Sector WarsEdit

He took part in the campaign against the Viserak on Capricon, unfortunately his father was killed by the Kandlia , he vowed to burn every kandlian organism until they are extinct. He felt that the USR was incompetent and joined Black Wing Squadron, quickly becoming Rigel Arcasi' s Second in command.


His sons Tyrus, Caligulus, Terbanius and Halcieus have all joined Black Wing Squadrons since his father's death.