MK 19 Shirier Fighter
Materials 120 Materials
Rigellian Ore 70 Ores N
Supply 2 Advanced
Production Center Starbase
Time 27
Requirements none
Race Natogytt Advanced
Hypertype Mechanical, Psionic, Air
Weapon Dual Photonic batteries
Secondary Weapon -
Hit Points 50
Armor Type Rigellian
Armor 0
Shields 100
Attack Type Photonic
Attack Type2 -
Size Small
Cargo size -
Speed 8
Atk Speed 3 Psec
Icon StarScytheGold
Special Abilities
Ability 1 -
Ability 2 -
Ability 3 -
First Sighting 2366
Latest Sighting 2508 (By Blackwing Squadron)
Inventor SDF Shrine Defense Forces
Crew 1 (Pilot)
Type Cheap, fast, Space fighter
Propulsion Dual Overcharged Sapphir-Ionic engines
Role Light Interceptor
Representative Kal: Sir Skkvar

The MK 19 Shirier Fighter (often called "Shipster" by Sapphirian Terran pilots) was invented by Shrine Defense Force in 2366 years after the Fourth Shrine Republic lost in the Great Sapphirian War, their resentment and anger of losing territory forced them to spend colossal amounts of rarchs on Military tech, as their worlds revolted, but their perseverance paid off.

The FSR had invented synthetic Prismatic ore, though expensive to produce they slowly stockpiled them up for the inevitable grudge match with them and their enemies.

This Fighter primarily ran on synthetic Prismatic ore and outclassed all but the newest fighters of the early 24th century even going toe to toe with Terran Fighters and winning, the fighter was phased out during in 2468, 102 years after it's debut.

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