Mark Calrissio
Born December 29, 2438, Braka, planet Silverstone
Died -
Race Terran
Gender Male
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Brown
Faction Fist Fist of Emeraldii Alliance
Occupation Commander in Chief
Faction History Skywing Silverstone Colonial Government 2438-2479

Skywing Silverstone Mercenaries 2479-2509

Axis Axis of Freedom 2509-2509

SkywingRED Mark Calrissio's Forces 2509-2511

Fist Fist of Emeraldii Alliance 2511-

Mark Calrissio is a Terran born on Silverstone, he personally participated in the war against the Viserak in 2479, prior to this he was a Military advisor.


After the war. The Viserak forced the Silverstone people to surrender and disband both their government and military, Mark Calrissio stole a Viserak vessel and departed.

Axis of FreedomEdit

He was temporarily allied with the Axis of Freedom, but after Noemi Cerda let her mercy get the best of her, it ended in the attack on Sovius. Calrissio saw, Cerda's weakness and temporarily joined the UTSEA, he left them later on and allied with his Viserak friend "Visorollo Kasen" forming the Fist of Emeraldii.

Fist of EmeraldiiEdit

The Fist of Emeraldii created by Mark Calrissio and Visorollo Kasen, fell for a plot by the Loreko who ressurected Skerliek Skazyr, though they later realized their blunder after their defeat in the Second Sector Wars.

They are now losely affiliated with Gerard Tygore and the Axis of Freedom.

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