Mark Michaels
Mark Michael's photo taken in early 2014
Born July 22, 1974 United States of America (Earth)
Died March 14, 2014
Race Terran
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Faction LoNP League of Neutral Powers
Occupation 1992-2013 Police officer

2013-2014 Leader of LoNP

Faction History 51star United States of America 1974-2013

LoNP League of Neutral Powers 2013-2014

Mark was the founder and leader of the League of Neutral Powers, created after World War III.

As LoNP CommanderEdit

As World War III began Mark saw an oppurtunity to become someone of importance. he founded the LoNP along with seven of his closest friends all of them managed to survive the war, having allied with the other factions like: The Critters and the Men's Angels they merged as one and moved to a compound near MetroTech, shortly after they were infiltrated by an elusvie man, while they attempted to kill him, they were outmatched, Mark Michaels took a friendlier approach to him, the man was Matt Tygore. Mark Michaels wanted to use Matt's skill and almost psychic awareness asking him to join, his first attempts failed, more attempts were made to kill Tygore, but they failed, it wasn't until the first attack by NightTech that Matt Tygore single-handedly eliminated the 14 man team and thus finally accepted Mark's pleas to join.


Months later Mark ordered the LoNP to collect supplies on the edge of NightTech territory however in doing so he began not only the Fourth De'Tempora but also sealing his own demise, he was killed by NighTech tank blasts along with Carla Cerda and seemingly Matt Tygore.

79 Years later the Kaiser created the Quarter Council and the Admiralcy in Antarctica. Mark Michaels is known as the First "Grand Admiral" of the UTSEA for founding the grandfather faction to it, along with Draco Liska and the other members of LoNP his likeness was remade into a statue.

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