The clouds of ash
Vital statistics
Type Terrestrial
Climate Wasteland
Sector Emeraldii
Faction None, Quarantined
System Val (4th Position)
Natives Mutani (Extinct)
Discovered Unknown
Discoverer -
Existent Yes
Faction History BoralesFlag Boralissian Empire 6236-4999 BCE

MutanFlag Hygari Mutani World Fiefdom (HMWF) 437 BCE - 2453 CE

GKS Great Kandlian Swarm 2453-2453

Terra-Muto Combine Terra-Muto Combine 2511-?

 Mutan is a wasteland, once a paradise but now ruins of a great civilization.

The Mutani invasion initiated the second largest anti-Kandlian retaliatory attack in history, which led to the Kandlian's loss of Omnipolus, Univorpal and Zearust.


Homeland Conflict

During the Homeland Conflict, Visorollo Kasen and Mark Calrissio had landed at this abandoned world to regroup and resist the forces led by Gerard Tygore, alas they were defeated and Gerard Tygore retook the Jewel of Borales from them.

New Terran Occupation

following the Homeland conflict a schism began between the forces of Mark Calrissio and Adam Jeffrey in the Silverstone Mercs, Adam Jeffrey and his forces were kicked off of Silverstone and settled on Mutan to regroup, Adam Jeffrey was assassinated by his wife Kuvera Jeffrey who was subsetquently imprisoned by former UTSEA Admiral Mark Antonio who decided to found his own nation on the planet.

He along with the few hundred offworld Mutani (Uzangla) decided to form a coalition government and rebuild civilization there.