Native Arctos
Skeleton at the Mcmurdo museum (Earth)
Appearance Unknown at least 500,000 years ago
Extinction Unknown at least 300,000 years ago
Type Bipedal Animal-like
Planet Antarctos
Form of communication Unknown
Primary Senses Unknown
Factions none
Representative none
The Native Arctos are an extinct species that lived on planet Antarctos, their species, culture and history is completely unknown.


Sometime before the Terrans or Natogytts even evolved Antarctos was likely an Earthlike planet, research has shown this to be likely, fossils of the "Native Arctos" were found as were remnants of cities not to different looking from those on Early 20th Century Earth , these frozen cities were buried by thousands of feet of Ice and snow and were thus lost until the 26th Century.

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