Spitter Lacereon VIII, representative of the Natogytts
Appearance 450,000+ Years ago
Extinction This species still lives
Type Bipedal Felinoid Animal
Planet Tygotan I
Form of communication Vocalization, Language, Psionic Telepathy
Primary Senses Sight, Sound, Hearing, Touch, Smell, Psionic Sensitivity
Factions USR, Boreluzian Federation, Surgio-Kandorii, Saurian Miner's Guild, others.
Representative Spitter Taigo
 The Natogytts are a race of bipedal felinoid animals from Planet Tygotan I they forged a space empire in 6,652 BCE, However after their Home Star, Kethrhydor went supernova the species's first empire fell.

Now they live in the Sapphirian Sector

Early History


Old USR Fleet

The Natogytts started on planet Tygotan, in 6,652 BCE they founded the Tygotan Empire the empire was destroyed and reformed dozens of times until 6,000 BCE with Kethrhydor's destruction which destroyed Tygotan I their empire fell and the remnants settled in the Sapphirian Sector namely planet Shrine.

After the Death of Emperor: Hassadon II the New Tygotan Empire attacked the Sapphirian Settlers in what is known as the Natogytt Civil War.


Natogytt General Infantry

The Sapphirian Colonists led by Shirier Shrinen III defeated the Tygotan Empire and formed Shrier Shrinen's Empire.

Sector Wars

Over Seven thousand years later the Natogytts were caught in the middle of a giant war between four races which destroyed the lives of many, the Natogytts managed to retake all of their lost worlds by wars end. led by the United Sapphirian Republics  they destroyed the enemy countless times.


USR Forces before Basaran Kiev's Terrorist Attack

Technology & Tactics

The Natogytts rely on speed and versatility and hit and run attacks to defeat their enemies. the Natogytt's construct their buildings from Rigellian Crystal Cores which requires a Phase Creator to build. They rely more on Psionics as opposed to their Technology which is merely to augment their psionic powers and while their technology is more advanced the than of the UTSEA their technology is somewhat weaker. The Natogytts use power as a "supply source"