Eras and major events in Natogytt History.

450,000 B.C.E

  • The Natogytt Species appears

127,000 B.C.E

  • First Natogytt Civilizations formed
  • Tygotan 150K

    KEY: 127,000 BCE Blue: Kallos Civ Red: ancient Scytheria Teal: Boredek civ Cyan: Brakosphie Lime: Anterraden Green: Lacereon Purple: Vot's Agol Pink: Del'Toni Yellow: Yeliroh

98,000 B.C.E

  • The entire world was dominated by Natogytt Civilizations
  • The Qraresimeon People of Bardek were eliminated by the Tygotan Brain plague.

77,900 B.C.E

  • The Natogytt Population reached 500 Million

44,009 B.C.E

  • The Ancient Scytherians were wiped off the face of Tygotan from a supervolcano, they were replaced by Lacereon immigrants forming the "Old Scytherian Culture"

44,000 B.C.E

  • The Tygotan climate changed from a Desert climate to a savannah, due to the appearance of a new fast spread species of "Red Grass" this grass highly nutricious and thus large herbivore populations, like the Ukan species were plentiful and with that the Natogytts had a larger supply of food, their populations exploded.

39,950 B.C.E

  • Recorded history began by the "Old Scytherians'

27,678 B.C.E

  • The rise of the Scylacereon Empire began

266th Century B.C.E

  • The first recorded war, the Scylacereon Empire and it's allies fought against the Kingdom of Yyer an estimated 58,000 died in the 14 year conflict.

79th Century B.C.E

  • The ancient age and the central ages had long ended the age of ranged psionic warfare began.

67th Century B.C.E

  • Global Conflict IV begins in 6696 B.C.E all 497 nations participate
  • Spittor Lacereon X was born (September 19th 6695 B.C.E)
  • The Scytherians destroy the last Natogytt Religious kingdom of Voladin and abolish religion in favor of a militaristic scytherian government, still favored by Natogytt factions this day.
  • Spitter Lacereon X is elected Nedisorpo of Scytheria in 6657 B.C.E
  • The Scytherians are victorious at the battle of Kelinigrod. The Reck't Del'Tannis Alliance crumbles.
  • The Del'Tannis leader: Beal Vaktore' commits suicide, his last remaining forces surrender on June 4th 6654 B.C.E
  • The Del'Tannis space force defects to the Scytherians on June 19th, the war ends.
  • The Scytherians in 6652 B.C.E reorganize into the Tygotan Empire

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