Name origins
Name First Recorded usage Place of Creation Meaning Example Language
Adaxi 12,050 Years ago Adaxio, Tygotan Avenger Adaxi Pushov Scytherius
Addriek 19,000 Years ago Adriea, Tygotan Relentless Addriek Sark Scytherius
Alevix 19,000 Years ago Tego, Tygotan Undying Alevix Satono Scytherius
Arcasi 19,000 Years ago Arkasi, Tygotan
Archon 22,000 Years ago Archos, Tygotan Fire Warrior Arcto Archon Akadanean
Arcto 5100 Years ago Tygotan II As strong as Ty'Ger  Arcto Archon Colonial-Scytherius

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