Netargit Vendargil (Shirinigan Natogytt Liberation Front)
Founded July 1970
Defunct July 9, 2005 (Last members killed at the battle of Eridei) (Great Northern Sapphirian War)
Race Natogytt
Denonym Shirinigan
Population -
Leader Pahbuh Doddi (Founder)
Secondary lead -
Head of State -
Currency -
Official Language Shirian
Formed from Pro-Kandarissian Terrorists
Strength 656,000 (1974)
Founding Document -
Preceded By USSK Kandarissian Liberation Front
Alliance The Liberation of Shirinigan
Location Shirinigan
Capitol -
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

This faction was formed from Pro-Surgian terrorist forces of the 1970's, they changed their idelogy into an Independent Shirinigan where ancient Tygotan Imperial laws are followed instead of the then modern "TSR" Doctrines.

This faction was a moderate problem for the Natogytt forces in the 20th century and was known for their violence and ruthlessness an estimated 22,900,000 were killed under their rule of the Eastern parts of Shirinigan. the entire Porochenken sub race of Natogytts were wiped out  causing the Coalition Assault on Shirinigan which forced the Netargit Vendargil to leave the planet entirely.

The N.V attempted to reclaim Shirinigan and even Antarctos but their attempts were halted with ease.

In 1989 the N.V orchestrated a massive attack on the capitol of Shirinigan with their two allies: 

Surgingino and Fessirist Shirinigan over three days they sowed terror throughout the Shirinigan capitol but after day five the 

Shirinigan amry decimated the rebel forces, the last remnants left the planet to fight another day.

Their last stand was on the desert planet Eridei (Near Shrinigan) the N.V was tricked by it's own side switching members to camp there and were ambushed by Shirinigan and Taigo forces which killed all 10,594 members ending the reign of terror for good.

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