Founded September 19th 1963 (as Night & Day Technologies)
Defunct 2013

REFORMED Late 2013 as NightTech

Race Terran
Denonym Nighttech
Population 7,000
Leader Joseph Goldberg (Founder)

Melissa Harrison 2006-2015

Secondary lead -
Head of State Commander
Currency -
Official Language English
Formed from United States Extraterrestrial Communications & Operations Organization (U.S.E.C.O.O) AKA "Night and Day Technologies
Strength 2500 Combat Operatives
Founding Document Enhancement Initiative
Preceded By NDT Night and Day Technologies
Alliance Vramese Liason
Location United States of America
Capitol Sonoran Research Center (CA)
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

Nighttech is the faction that started World War III, and by proxy began the Unification War (also known as the Third De'Tempora)

During their conflicts against SkyTech it was thought that NightTech had started WWIII for an attempt at global domination. However five hundred years after their destruction, it was found out that NightTech started WWIII as part of a deal with the Vramese Empire who had attempted to take over the Earth before the 4th Krovan War, NightTech was promised to rule as a puppet state while the vramese use the humans as slave workers, however in 2014 the the Krovans attacked the Vramese, and the Vramese postponed their invasion plans for decades, NightTech was destroyed and the UTSEA later eliminated the Vramese Empire.

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