Noemi Cerda
Noemi Cerda in Headhunter II armor (2494)
Born 9/15/2471 Braking Province (Stellarussia)
Died Still alive
Race Terran
Gender Female
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Brown
Faction Axis Axis of Freedom
Occupation Rebel Leader
Faction History UTSEA UTSEA 2471-2496

CerdaRev The Green Revolt 2496-2499

CerdaRev Cerda's Revolution 2499-2507

Axis Axis of Freedom 2507-2512

Founder of the Axis of Freedom
Noemi Cerda days after the Kanderarch Incident
Highest Position
Office 1st Commander of the Axis of Freedom
Preceded by none
Succeeded by Matt McClellan
Assumed office March 5, 2507
Left office September 18, 2512
Second Highest Position
Office2 Imperial Squadron Lieutenant
Preceded by2 Honda Battison
Succeeded by2 Primo A. Fowler
Assumed office2 July 17, 2492
Left office2 October 11, 2496
Third Highest Position
Office3 Secretary of Stellarussia Logistics Wing
Preceded by3 Adam Mel
Succeeded by3 Andrea James
Assumed office3 December 4, 2490
Left office3 July 17, 2492
Personal Details
Nation UTSEA UTSEA (formerly)

TerranFlag1 Aridias (current)

Political Party Axis Axis Democrats
Spouse Matt McClellan 2511-2519

Augustus Sark 2519-

Children Vanessa Cerda b. January 30, 2490
Parents Reiner Cerda (Father)

Trisha Keynes (Mother)

Residence Halavi, Aridias
Professions Commander

UTSEA Special Agent


Store Clerk (Tex's Frozen Foods)

Religion None, Atheist

Noemi Cerda was a UTSEA special agent and part of Imperial Squadron, however after the Kanderarch incident she rebelled and became second in command in part of the Green Revolt, however its leader "James Rico Hernandez" was killed she became leader of the rebellion.


Kanderarch IncidentEdit

The Four Natogytt explorers who survived the attack on Sangerrika fled to the USR Consolate on their homeworld of Kanderarch, at the City of Antieta. Two USR Officers in liason with the Kanderach local government, Sergo Thalsn and Kayin Hardte where present at the consolate as well having made friends with UTSEA: Special Agent: Noemi Cerda a few years previously.  However, Within only a few minutes UTSEA ships arrived in low orbit of the planet, the commander "James Rico Hernandez" and his lieutenant Noemi Cerda were in the Harbinger Battleship, "Earth's Fury" within a few minutes the Kaiser gave the order, A previously built Star Beacon was activated on Kanderarch, and a Frost core was dropped, when it reached terminal velocity it too was activated.. 

The eventual chaos that ensued destroyed the city and killed ALL of it's inhabitants. James Hernandez and Noemi Cerda, realizing what they had done furiously contacted the Kaiser, who responded with his SkyTiger II's cannons.

Sector WarsEdit

Noemi Cerda took part in the Sector wars, she allied with Rigel Arcasi and Gerard Tygore on Borelecava to defeat Harkoff and Razurus , however their alliance was defeated and they were forced to retreat. Later she and Gerard Tygore would steal one of the Terran frost Cores in an attempt to destroy it, however the UTSEA fleet arrived led by Richard Partisan and again she was defeated.

Trans Temporal ConflictEdit

Noemi Cerda along with most of the rebel forces were convinced that Spitter Taigo was right about the future, they went back in time to try to stop the eventual doom that befell them, but instead they were met by a second alliance led by Kaiser StratosTygo , Alexis Sugof and Patriarch Harkoff , they were defeated and forced back into the standard timeline.

The Final battleEdit

As the UTSEA activated the Frost Beacon on Borelecava, Various forces across the sectors knew the UTSEA was gaining to much power they formed the Third NSA and attacked the Terrans at outpost X11. Noemi Cerda had merged with Three other militias into forming the Axis of Freedom. but despite all of their efforts the combined Terran-Kandlian resistance eventually overan the allies forcing them all to withdraw.

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