Noemi Cerda is the leader of the anti-UTSEA rebel group "The Axis of Freedom" she was formerly a lieutenant of James Rico Hernandez in the UTSEA 4th Fleet prior to the Kanderarch Incident, following the incident she joined with Hernandez' Rebel group the "Green Revolution" and remained the second command until Hernandez' assassination by the UTSEA in 2507 by that time Noemi Cerda had gathered various rebel and militia factions to form the Axis of Freedom.

Noemi Cerda (SA2)
Born November 27, 2470 (Stellarussia)
Died -
Race Terran
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
Faction Axis Axis of Freedom
Occupation Rebel Leader
Faction History UTSEA 2470-2496

Green Revolution 2496-2507

Axis of Freedom 2507-?

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