Holy Oya Conclave
Founded 419
Defunct Still Active
Race Holy Osian, Chado, Zeingeely, Csostorpe, Chaos Praetorian, Ty'Ger, Terran, Viserak, Natogytt, Sangerrikan
Denonym Oyan
Population Hundreds of Billions
Leader Templas Papalus: Etille En'Lile
Secondary lead Templas Praetoriate: Etille Kendyr
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Alliance -
Location Osian Sector (Canis Sector)
Capitol Holy Osia
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The Oya are a conglomerate of over several dozen different races across the Canis Sector.

Oya Invasion 2600Edit

The Oya Conclave began their invasion of the other eight sectors, catching everyone by surprise, within  7 years the resident factions had been defeated and it's people enslaved although insurgencies continued for Five years during it's occupation, they accomplished little.

Return of the Kaiser and the PraetoriansEdit

After Kaiser StratosTygo and Kal: Spitter Taigo's joint expedition to the distant Arcturas sector was complete they returned home to find their sectors in a mess, they fought through countless Oya forces losing 97% of their fleet, before being pushed back to planet Kandlios, which had yet to be attacked by Oya forces.

StratosTygo reawakened the sleeping Draliska and the Arcmind who in turned awakened the Forever Swarm and the  "Infinity Swarm" Draliska launched a major surprise wormhole strike on occupied Earth , devastating the Oya forces there and reclaiming Antarctica for StratosTygo to begin the process to reactivate the dormant Star Beacons, unfortunately he would have to reclaim the eight other worlds along with the Centerpoint Station to launch any sort of counter attack, the UTSEA-Psion Praetorian-Kandlian alliance held Earth for over two days before being driven out by overwhelming Oya forces.

The Trump CardEdit

The allied forces were pushed out of the Solarian sector, for a short time they camped on Sangerrika only to be kicked out again and driven to the Tyyrian Sector where they made an unlikely alliance with the TEC now led by Aloway Pliar. The Oya Conclave mounted an unexpected offensive against the TEC, however the TEC's army was already prepared and unvieled their new technology stolen from the USR, the TEC stomped the Oya fleets and soon after made an attack of their own, the New TEC fleet was led by Kaiser StratosTygo himself.

Once Planet Shrine was Reconquered in 2614 the USR reorganized and began fighting back as well, unfortunately Spitter Taigo was killed at the battle of Karsanthenlusz on planet Sholalusz in 2615, despite this Sholalusz was eventually reconquered months later in 2616 the UTSEA was restored as was the Centerpoint Allaince, the alliance drove the broken fleets back to the Osian sector just as a anti-slavery civil war began there, they saw the alliance as liberators and by 2619 Holy Osia was flash frozen by the more powerful Star beacon-Frost Core attack.

As the leaders conclave died out, Kaiser StratosTygo appointed puppet rulers owned by the UTSEA to take their place. 

A cold war however began as forces from three sides began planning to undermine eachother, the UTSEA-USR-TEC-Kandlian Centerpoint Alliance, against the Viserak Transectorial Union who was also against the Federation of Tydoran Systems.

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