PersiaFlag Persian Republic
Founded November 5, 2027
Defunct -
Race Terran
Denonym Persian
Population 504,0207
Leader President: Sameera Sultana
Secondary lead Vice President: Savannah Marquering
Head of State President
Currency Union Dollars
Official Language English, Chinese, Persian
Formed from -
Strength Persian District Guard
Founding Document Territorial reintegration #17
Preceded By PersiaFlag Islamic Republic of Iran
Alliance UTSEA
Location Middle East, Earth
Capitol Tehran
Now Part of PersiaFlag Persian Republic

History Edit

Prior to the creation of the Persian Republic, the area was known as the "Islamic Republic of Iran" and had a population attempting to restore their country following the Third World War.

However in Mid October of 2027 an expeditionary force led by Matt Tygore himself arrived in the nation and negotiated with the government, they refused to surrender and war was declared by the Antarctic Republic.

Iranian forces felt the full brunt of the Antarctic Military forces at the battle of Rudan where 74% of the Iranian military forces were destroyed by Matt Tygore's "Sky Tiger" Prototype sky Battleship.

On October 23rd the Iranians surrendered to the Antarctic Republic and their newly created "Sky Force" the republic was reorganized into a district by SkyTech and remained that way since.

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