Results of PMFTs
Year Event Name Winner Runner Up Planet
2497 PMFT Ice Core Series UTSEA Joel Tygore Partison2 Nightek Rad Braxes
2498 PMFT Moten City Series CarsannianShirin Strata Carsannia I Arcturan1 Borel Camerol Hylar
2499 PMFT Home Series CarsannianShirin Strata Carsannia I HaEmpireTorrokak Guko Shrine
2500 PMFT Green Series CarsannianShirin Strata Carsannia I RoS2 Steline Ogyta Yungolia
2501 PMFT Antieta Series White Spitter Taigo CarsannianShirin Strata Carsannia I Kanderarch
2502 PMFT Twister Series White Spitter Taigo Surgio Blune Bairsin Straticava
2503 PMFT Fire Series Castele Kaptin Nex  USSK Girasic Parick  Halacava
2504 PMFT Red Lightning Series Surgio Shirin San Bairsin CarsannianShirin Strata Carsannia I Sniveria
2505 PMFT Underwater Series HaEmpireTorrokak Guko SoviusRep Ken Yth Casteliaris
2506 PMFT Black Ice Series Aeronia Bai Plen UTSEA Andy Woods Borelus
2507 PMFT Blue Series III HaEmpireTorrokak Guko SoviusRep Ken Yth Shirinigan
2508 PMFT Yellow Series II Technocracy John Storm Axis Jack Granite Aranso
2509 PMFT Home Series II White Spitter Taigo Advanced Tamis Knowles Shrine
2510 PMFT Sholacava Series HaEmpire Zhang Liao CarsannianShirin Strata Carsannia I Sholacava
2511 PMFT White Series Arcturan1 Borel Camerol CarsannianShirin Strata Carsannia I Carsa
2512 PMFT Fire Series II Aeronia General Enraldy Fulsoff Varenov Kashtun Tulahal
2513 PMFT Black Series UTSEA Matt Tygore Surgio Shirin San Bairsin Borelecava
2514 PMFT Purple Series SoviusRep Naomi Serta BraxisTory Griffen Sauria
2515 PMFT All Stars Series SoviusRep Ken Yth White Spitter Taigo Shrine
2516 PMFT Teal Series Surgio Blune Bairsin White Spitter Taigo Kalrein
2517 PMFT Kraigon Series TerranFlag1 Jack Granite UTSEA Megan Shannon Aridias
2518 PMFT Zigen Series AVSTentoff Vattison Advanced Spiker Taigo Nemerey
2519 PMFT Marcadian Series Capri2 King: Zunihan Aranso Pirocah Capricon
2520 PMFT All Stars II SoviusRep Ken Yth HaEmpireTorrokak Guko Shrine
2521 PMFT Green Series II SPQRStewart Dinosso German Hange Uno Lonia
2522 PMFT Unlicthe Series InfernoxFlag Buzz Darkfighter Skytech James Reiner Topenon
2523 PMFT Caldera Series AVS Ategev Prince White Spitter Taigo Halacava
2524 PMFT Yellow Series II BF Rigel Maise Capri2The Marcator Fenrir Prime
2525 PMFT All Stars III CarsannianShirin Strata Carsannia I White Spitter Taigo Shrine
2526 PMFT City Rumble Klorus Ma Tiego BF The Kaltos Kraigon Borelus
2527 PMFT Orange Series II HaEmpireAsh Picapi Taigo Garret Woodward Sukhoi
2528 PMFT Frost Series UTSEA Christopher Michaels TerranFlag2 Munki Tholl Antarctos
2529 PMFT Oasis Series HydronF  Sitteilrandego HyperianVidel Grei Hyperian
2530 PMFT All Stars IV White Spitter Taigo White Eleo Taigo Shrine

PMFT Kaiser's Series

StellaRussia Natasha Zhukov SoviusRep Sahara Harding Earth
Color Key
Color Fighting Style Marble's Allowed
Blue Psionic Kalreini ONLY
Red Martial Arts Kalreini, Rigellian, Striped, Solid, Heavy


Projectile Weaponry Solid, Heavy
Green Melee Weaponry Rigellian, Striped
Cyan Mixed NONE

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