Psion Imperium
Founded 120,000+ BCE
Defunct 2552 BCE
Race Ty'Ger
Denonym Psion
Population 958,900,000,000 At 5500 BCE
Leader Sai Guan 2592 BCE 2552 BCE
Secondary lead Unknown
Head of State Arclek
Currency Taijin
Official Language Ty'Ger language
Formed from Ty'Ger tribes of Shrine and Borales w/ Arc'Belaren help
Strength Billions of legions during it's existance
Founding Document Unknown
Preceded By TygerOld Arc'Beleran Ty'Ger legion
Alliance The De'Temporo Arc Treaty
Location Sapphirian, Emeraldii and Solarian sectors
Capitol Shrine (Sapphiria)

Frontier/Arc-Elanne (Solarian)

Boralis (Emeraldii)

Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

The Psion Imperium was a massive empire of Ty'Ger formed after the fall of Telaron. It is one of the longest lasting factions in known history, it's existence shaped three of the nine sectors, and during it's fall, other factions reclaimed it's culture and technology, the Boralissian Empire , Psion Order, Krovan Empire, Vramese Empire and Zarnian Empire's were all formed from the remnants of this Imperium.

Even the factions that had not been founded during it's existence modeled themselves after it once they learned of it's exploits, including the USR and UTSEA .

Dominant Ty'Ger Faction
Sector:All nine sectors, Time:120,000 BCE - 6,081 BCE
Preceded by
Arc'Belaren Space Empire (Ty'Ger District) (?-120,000)
Succeeded by
Boralissian Empire (6,081 BCE-4,981 BCE)

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