Rakp Visa
Born March 9, 2402 Planet Acai
Died January 27th 2501 Planet Gearned
Race Viserak
Gender Male
Hair -
Eyes Green
Faction Rakp Visa's Confederacy
Occupation Premaris
Faction History AVS AVS: 2422-2492

Rakp Confederacy 2492-2502

Rakp Visa was a general and eventual turncoat during the Viserak Civil war , an excellent tactician he fought in every Viserak conflict since the late 2440's.

Early life

Rakp Visa was born in 2402 on a Zhao farm on planet Acai, he grew up to hate his family for their lack of interest in Technology, he left his family in 2415 by 2420 he had managed to become an Acai Emergency vehicle driver and stayed in that job until 2429 his interest in technology landed him a job as a lead designer for the new "Fleet Carrier"

Tydoran Invasion of Sudenten

The Neutral planet of Sudenten was invaded by the Federation of Tydoran systems, as part of their plan to spread Tycondorism (A Tydoran economic system), AVS for the first time since their reformation, began a draft to take back the important resource world. Rakp Visa was drafted in 2440. Months later in 2441 they sent their forces to Sudenten, during the two year war, Visa showed his knowledge of military tactics, at the battle of Nodairse' 'Ol He rescued soldiers of the 338th fleet including a young Doran Nazuth.

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