Ravagar (Yenom)
Yenom Soldier (rarely seen until 4993)
Appearance unknown
Extinction -
Type Transdimensional, transtemporal abberation (appearance and physiology is similar to humanity and Natogytts)
Planet Aewdy (pronounced "Eighty")
Form of communication Same as humans
Primary Senses Same as humans
Factions Allied Yenom Kingdoms from Aewdy founded Servargica (AYKAS)

Coalition of Liberty (CoL)

Representative AYKAS (Matriarch: Cdweduc Diku )

CoL (Prince: Muany Sawte)

The Ravagers or the Yenom  are a transdimensional and transtemporal race from a parallel universe, brought here by accident by the ancient Delta Scar'bol Archen species 200,000 years ago, the Ravagers eradicated the the Delta Sar'bol Archen, while losing nearly all of their forces, the reasons for the violence are not known. 

Ravager Combat Suit (Yenom soldier below it)

The Ravagers grew in size on the outskirts of the galaxy, before bringing violence to the Galaxy, wiping out all major factions but the Arc'Belaren and Sert Clans, using the Sert as a mercenary force they intended to wipe them both out, propagating themselves among the stars, but their ploy had failed as Arcto Kandlios had modified the Sert's biological weapons into an assimilst race.

The Sert were destroyed and the Ravagers having chased the Arc'Belaren to the Delta Quadrant where the Ravagers were defeated and many assimilated giving rise to the Kandlian Swarm King, Kandlios himself leading to the events of the first De'Tempora .

The Ravagers slowly clawed their way back from the brink thousands of years later. they witnessed a new strange galaxy, thousands of space empires were active across the stars, now stuck on the Edge of the Delta Quadrant they constructed a plan to take over once again, however the various empires became aware of this and with information passed down from the Arc'Belaren constructed a series of Star Beacons to counter the Ravagers.

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