On the Southeastern Region of Kandlios
Born  ? 2005
Died May 3, 2506
Race Kandlian
Gender Male?
Hair none
Eyes none
Faction GKS Great Kandlian Swarm
Occupation Kandlian Courier
Faction History GKS Great Kandlian Swarm ?-2506

Razurus was one of the original Kandlian Couriers and the 95th courier created, he loyally served the Great Kandlian Swarm however he was led into a trap by the UTSEA on Frontier, and with Tychondrus he was killed.

Razurus is the player character from Episode III, The Invasion

Early LifeEdit

Nothing is known of his life before Kandlian Corruption

Sector WarsEdit

He and his own brother, Razar were responsible for the initial stages of the Kandlian Invasion. By order of Sentien, The couriers were sent to pacify the Natogytts through covert means. Sentien ordered his forcesto steal the bodies of the fallen, one of which was Wertias Opop.


Razurus himself leads the ambush at the Corelecon hospital

Razurus himself returned to the Kandlian Swarms and helped the Swarm in their battles against the other three factions, during their invasion of Earth, they finally realized that they were being manipulated by the Terrans so that the Terrans could have courier DNA, the Terrans chased them to planet Frontier where Razurus's final battle commenced two UTSEA Fleets where Destroyed along with Tychondrus's forces and half of Harkoff's.

However Razurus was captured and killed, his DNA was used with others to create Courier Draliska. Since his death the Swarm has lost most of their battles implying that he was the strongest of the Couriers.