Rift Anchor
Tygotan Rift Anchor
Vital statistics
Type Spacelane gateway structure
Effects Activates gateway to spacelane
Purpose Access to the ancient Jinyehudane spacelane system
Faction Jinyehudane (formerly)

TEC-USR-UTSEA-AVS-Draliskan Empire (Currently

Legal Status -
Created Jinyehudane 900,000+ Years ago

TEC reconstructions 1987

Creator -
Obsolete -
The Rift Anchors are an ancient technology created by the mysterious Jinyehudane species over nine hundred thousand years ago, at some unknown point in time the Jinyehudane died out ad their rift anchors slowly went inactive and were eventually destroyed with time and warfare, in 1980 the TEC rediscovered a Rift anchor on Korrelkon, they reverse engineered the technology and built their own rift Anchors linking their worlds together, they learned that the Star Beacons were an attempt by the Psions to recreate the technology but they were unable to accurately do so, though the frequency used was much the same, the TEC used ancient structure's Delta frequencies to invade the sapphirian sector.

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