Founded 2445
Defunct April 2451


Race Sangerrikan
Denonym Sangerrikan
Population 12,000,000,000
Leader President: Melern Kreg
Secondary lead Vice President: Jiard Digol
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Alliance Centerpoint
Location Sangerrikan Sector
Capitol Sangerrika
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The Sangerrikans are a bipedal humanoid species inhabiting planet Sangerrika.


In 2430 the Six State's war began, plunging the entire world into darkness and chaos millions were killed during the fifteen year conflict, finally ending in 2445 when the Enghervek's took over the planet and defeated their opposition ending the chaos and bringing a new age of science and technology to the Sangerrikans.

A year later they began exploring other worlds in 2449 they made contact with the Natogytts and eventually the Terrans by sending them images of key places on their homeworld, hoping for a response.

The ResponseEdit

The UTSEA in 2449 received the transmissions of the Sangerrikans. The Sangerrkans were in possession of the Ninth and final Star Beacon from which the UTSEA offered to take the Beacon in exchange for new technology, the Sangerrikans refused highlighting that the beacon was an icon of their civilization and culture.

The WarEdit

Unfortunately for the Sangerrikans the UTSEA needed all nine star Beacons for their plans to be complete, Kaiser StratosTygo ordered UTSEA: Blue Squadron, UTSEA: SkyTech and UTSEA Roma Fleet to capture the Star Beacon, on 2450 the UTSEA invaded the planet and in nine hours the Sangerrikan military was crushed the Star Beacon was occupied soon after, the Sangerrikans began using guerrilla warfare with some success, in 2453 the UTSEA finally activated the Star Beacon and lost a few thousand troops in doing so, they finally left the planet, as the Sangerrikans picked up the pieces.


The UTSEA returned in the 2470's but instead returned to pay war reparations and to restore the original government  despite this gesture there were still a handful of anti-Terran Terrorist groups.


A group of Sangerrikan terrorists attacked Terran military bases across the stars they were chased down to their homeworld where in 2495 the UTSEA tested their Star-Beacon-Frost-Core attack system, however the frequency had been chosen wrong instead of a flash freeze it opened up a wormhole within hours dozens of ships from the Osian Sector wreaked havoc around the Sector, the UTSEA-Sangerrikan militaries were pushed back until the frequency was changed causing a flash freeze that destroyed the fleets.

Four Natogytt Explorers had been there seeing the whole thing, despite the planet being put on lockdown the Natogytts escaped but only on sub-warp speed ships it took them months to reach their home of Kanderarch, they didn't realize that they were followed by Four UTSEA Harbinger Ships, one of them being the "Earth's Fury" before they could adequately explain what they saw, the Kanderarch Incident happened killing them all.

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