Second Strife
Clockwise from top left:

Allied Invasion of Earth 2518, Action over Earth 2519, Invasion of Antarctica 2519, Fall of SkyTech 2519

Main Info
Date January 21st 2518 - March 6th 2519
Place Earth, Solarian Sector
Result Allied Victory

Fall of UTSEA

"Death" of StratosTygo

Terran Civil Strife 3

Kandlian Insurrection

Terran Succession Crisis

Major Battles Battle of SkyTech City

Battle of Montobu

Battle of Frontier

Action over Earth

Force 1
Centerpoint Member States


Draliskan Draliskan Empire

AVS Adairin Viserak Systems

CMS Centerpoint Station

Krovan Krovan Protectorate

Force 2
The 21st Coalition

Skywing SkyWing Covenant

Axis Axis of Freedom

Axis Son's and Daughter's of Sovius

Advanced United Sapphirian Republics

BlackWing Black Wing Squadron

GKS Vanessa's Swarm

Force 3 SRE Star Relic Empire
Force 4 -
Leader 1 Kaiser: StratosTygo

Imperial Director: Draliska

Premaris: Erik Ardenkai

C-Chancellor: Videl Del'Tannen

Kysor: Kuvri Kivzen

Leader 2 President: Richard Parley

Commander: Cash Friedrick

Admiral: Martinez McClellan

Kal Nedis: Spitter Taigo

Kal: Rigel Arcasi

Matriarch: Vanessa

Leader 3 Darksky Carsa XXIV
Leader 4 -
Army 1 Various Armies
Army 2 Various Armies
Army 3 29th Star Fleet
Army 4 -
Deaths 1 Heavy
Deaths 2 Very Heavy
Deaths 3 Minor
Deaths 4 -
Previous Terran Civil Strife (CS-1)
Next Civil Strife 3
The Second Strife was a primarily Terran conflict in the Solarian Sector, it eventually became a sectorial war.

"It's over Tygo! your reign of terror will end today"

"I Know why you're here, you're not here for me you want revenge against my experiment no? I assure you Vanessa you won't be getting to him this way, nearly everything within me lies with him. Now you can defeat me here, you can collapse my buildings, kill my soldiers and corrupt my sons, just be aware that everything you do is according to my plans."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Because no matter what you do, or what you know, you will inevitably be playing right into my hands, I've been around long enough to have plans for every situation, so congratulations on your victory here.. it will be over soon"

-Vanessa and StratosTygo during the Final battle of the war

The War

In 2518 Adrriek Sark and Vanessa Cerda spread propaganda that the UTSEA was preparing to conquer the galaxy allegedly starting in 2496 with the Kanderarch Incident, varuous factions believed it she rallied up the allied forces and attacked the UTSEA seemingly by suprise, despite this Kaiser StratosTygo was mysteriously silent.

The war devastated the UTSEA and the Krovan Protecorate for the first time since the Vramese invasion , several officers defected leaving Earth a target, after the initial invasion the Allied forces let Vanessa Cerda do the rest in Antarctica, after a fierce uphill battle, she made her way to Tygo's Capitol, they dueled but Vanessa won the duel.

Despite the Victory, Vanessa felt that Tygo was holding back, she also couldn't help but worry about the "Harbingers of destruction" when she did find about them it was too late.


The war itself was short but devastating, almost immediately after the war the allied forces disbanded and fought eachother, chaos began to insue the UTSEA was partitioned into 12 factions by SkyWing , Imperial Director: Draliska allied with  the Josminian Enclave and invaded Borelecava, the USR fell into disorder after protesters became terrorists. 

It was one of the darkest Eras in modern history.