Shadana Mara
Born March 20, 2448, Sholalusz
Died March 20, 2511 (Kandlian ambush)
Race Natogytt
Gender Female
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Green
Faction Advanced United Sapphirian Republics
Occupation USR:Delta Squadron Kal Director
Faction History Republic Shrine Republic 2448-2495

Advanced United Sapphirian Republics 2495-2511

Deltaflag USR:Delta Squadron 2503-2511

Shadana Mara is the Kal Director of Delta Squadron , though she was loyal to the SR during the Basaran Kiev War , she defected to USR in December of 2493.

The Shrine Wars

Shadana Mara took part in several battles during the Shrine Wars, leading over 51 seperate assaults against the Sniverians on Guandu.

During the Battle of Beidrun, Shadana Mara and Kenenaes Hartaes fell into a relationship, eventually Shadana had to leave the military to birth his child, "Aralus"  she returned to fight by 2474, at the battle of Halacava her forces and Kayin Hardte's were besieged by Beta Squadron , though they were rescued by Wertias Opop later on. 

Conquest of Sniveria

in 2492 the SR won a string of battles leading up to the Surrender of the Sniverians and the sacrifice of Kenenaes Hartaes, this pissed Mara off beyond belief and led to her blaming the government for his death.

Basaran Kiev's War

Angry Shadana Mara joined the ranks of the Insurrectionists in 2492, taking part in the battle over Abbados and the capture of Klorus. however she realized that Basaran Kiev was nothing more than a terrorist and defected back to the USR.

Sector Wars

During the Eight years of peace since the Kiev War, Mara regained her control and was allowed to command Delta Squadron oncemore. During the Viserak invasion, Shadana Mara led forces to engage the invaders on Sholalusz fighting a lengthy month long battle, unfortunately her forces were eradicated and she barely escaped alive. later in the war her reorganized Delta Squadron took part in the battle against the Viserak on Sukhoi, suggesting a night raid, the raid was successful and eventuallly the Viserak retreated from Sukhoi.

There were reports that she was killed by Razar, however the reports were false, Razar had fallen for a trap coordinated by Leo Taigo , Mara and Kaiser StratosTygo , from which Razar killed a fake Mara, Rigel Arcasi was not in on the plan, the misinformation helped spur him into leaving the USR.

Shadana Mara allied with LT.Commander: Cheyanne Makenishi in 2506 and fought against Gerard Tygore's forces as the Joint organization known as "Gold Squadron", their forces were pushed back, but they eventually forced Tygore to retreat, chasing him to the "Counter Balance" Space Platform where Cheyanne was defeated, Mara drove off Tygore once more, ending the Viserak Invasion.

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