Shirier Shrinen's Confederacy
Founded September 1, 5525 BCE
Defunct December 13, 4601 BCE
Race Natogytt
Denonym Shirian
Population 74,000,000,000 (4602 BCE)
Leader Juhan Shrinen II (4602 BCE)
Secondary lead -
Head of State Kal Nedisorp
Currency Tryders
Official Language Shirian
Formed from United Sapphirian Colonies
Strength -
Founding Document The Great Branching
Preceded By ShrineOld Colony of Shrine

USC Colony of Tygotan II

StratisOld Colony of Stratis

USC Colony of Sedona

BorelusOld Colony of Borelus

AranKlor Colony of Aranso

USC Colony of Castele

USC Colony of Halacava

Kandy Colony of Kanderarch

CapShield Colony of Marcadia

BorelusOld Colony of Hylog

AransoOld Colony of Straticava

Alliance Sapphirian Coalition
Location Sapphirian Sector
Capitol Tygotan City, Shrine
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

The Shrier Shrinen Confederacy was a faction founded by Shirier Shrinen II in 5525 BCE united dozens of colonies under it's banner, it lasted for Centuries going through a 200 year golden age from 5205 BCE-5005 BCE. However in the 4600's the faction had long been an oppressive police state. The people of Borelecava had rebelled in 4642 BCE led by Antares Minsk and his grandfather Aprilo Minsk. The SSC launched an attack on Borelecava to put them in their place, by glassing the once rich forested planet, to a dark wasteland. 

A Psion Arbitrator by the name of Shadana Taigo assassinated Aprilo Minsk on his evacuation ship. Antares Minsk refused to give up and founded the "Los Borelas" (Last Borelecavans) They fought against the SSC for years until the SSC went to war with the Star Relicants , they eventually glassed small parts of Shrine , along with 20 other worlds before the SSC collapsed, the "Los Borelas" took over the government's old position and reuinited the wayward colonies under the command of a new faction, the Empire of Shrine.

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