Vital statistics
Type Terrestrial (ice)
Climate Ice
Sector Sapphirian
Faction United Sapphirian Republics
System Shonar
Natives none
Discovered 5521 BCE
Discoverer Dalium Valun
Existent yes
Faction History {{{Faction History}}}
Sholalusz is an icy planet in the Sapphiran Sector.


Shrine WarsEdit

In 2489 Royal Empire forces attempted to capture the Star Core formation on Sholalusz, however Meta Squadron led by Rennier Tygohn defeated them.

Sector WarsEdit


Harkoff aborbing the Star Cores's Power (December 25th 2505)

In December of 2505 the Kandlia invaded Sholalusz to capture the Star Core formation just like the Royal Empire did decades prior. This time however the forces of Razurus and Harkoff succeeded and Harkoff absorbed it's power and thus absorbed the power of the Natogytts who lived there, however this allowed them to  figure out all across the world what was going on, millions of Natogytts stormed the area, Harkoff lost a small bit of the powers he absorbed but managed to escape with the rest of the swarms.

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