Vital statistics
Type Terrestrial, 2 moons: Tuluhal, Tulusz
Climate Mostly Arid
Sector Sapphirian
Faction United Sapphirian Republics
System Zethrhydor

4th position

Natives Ty'Ger (minority)

Natogytt (Majority)

Discovered 5552 BCE
Discoverer Shirier Shrinen
Existent Yes
Faction History CarsannianCarsannian Empire 68,092 BCE - 57,252 BCE

Imperium2Psion Imperium 57,252 BCE - 7945 BCE

CarsannianCarsannian Empire 6790 BCE-5552 BCE

TECTEC 5552 BCE 5541 BCE

USCUSC 5541 BCE - 5525 BCE

SConfederacyShirier Shrinen's Confederacy 5525 BCE - 4601 BCE

Shirier2Empire of Shrine 4591 BCE - 3673 BCE

BF Boreluzian Empire 3673-3673

RoSFirst Shrine Republic 3673 BCE - 3039 BCE

GNEGreat Natogytt Empire 3039 BCE - 239 BCE

NRSSecond Shrine Republic 239 BCE - 11

NRSShrine 47 - 797

RoS2Third Shrine Republic 797 - 2208

UTSEAUTSEA Occupation 2208 - 2272

Republic Shrine 2272 - 2338

RepublicFourth Shrine Republic 2338 - 2492

AdvancedUnited Sapphirian Republics 2492-2605

OyaOya Conclave 2605-2606

AdvancedUnited Sapphirian Republics 2606-?

Shrine is the capitol of the USR and the second homeworld of the Natogytt race.


The De'TemporaEdit

Shrine was a large desert world, though it did have it's fair share of life it was inhabited by the Ty'Ger who evolved there. The Ty'Ger began their journey to space here thousands of years ago. only a few decades into their space exploration were they discovered by the Arc'Belaren who gave them Psionic abilities and used them as mercenaries against the Star Relicants. The Psion Ty'Ger rebelled and formed their own empire known as the "Psion Imperium" from which Shrine was there capitol.

First Dark ageEdit

After the Brain plague and the Psion Wars, the Psion Imperium fell it's remnants secluded themselves on Kall and Kalrein, Shrine was abandoned by most but  the poorest of Ty'Ger who eventually lost their technology and fell into a state of Tribalism, The massive cities that dotted the surface fell into disrepair and were eventually buried over the next thousands of years.


Centuries after the Nova of Kethrhydor, Natogytt explorers discovered Shrine and various other worlds in the Sapphirian Sector, Shirer Shrinen was the first Natogytt to set foot on the planet, over the next few decades more natogytts would settle on the planet, and after the Natogytt Civil War, Shrine Became the capitol of Shirier Shrinen's Confederacy.

Modern PoliticalEdit

The Natogytts today have a massive population on this world at least 94 Billion Natogytts live on this large world. The capitol of  Shrine is New Tygotan City, other important places include the Government residential City of Horat, the USR Military city of Saffron and the largest city on the planet Shrineopolis which contains 12 Billion Natogytts in it's borders.

Leadership ChangesEdit

This world has changed hands many times, The Ty'Ger were born here and it belonged to their ancient empire, and successively their Psion Imperium as well before the Star Relicant's had control over it, which they sold to the newcoming Natogytts. The Natogytts temporarily lost Shrine to the Terrans during the Solarian-Sapphirian War , however the Terrans gave the Natogytts their world back after the Third Dark Age. The Natogytts would flee from Shrine to Borelus , as the Oya conquered Shrine. Later after the Reconquista Shrine returned to Natogytt hands.


Shrine has nine continents and 6 seas, most of the planet is a desert with blue colored dirt and sand, though there are forests on this world they are usually dark in color ranging from dark green to a dark blue.


  • Shrine (Continent)
  • Wershias
  • Plasmonia
  • Borelheim
  • Stratikov'e
  • Grashie
  • Yehlioh
  • Palsarc
  • High Sholasphere


  • New Tygotan City
  • Shrineopolis
  • Horat (City)
  • Saffron
  • Hennar (CK01 Nightfall)
  • Horat (Town)


Several Important Natogytts were born on this planet.

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