Advanced Shrine
Vital statistics
Type Terrestrial, 2 moons: Tulahal & Tulusz
Climate Mostly arid, despite vast oceans due to it's star's size and radiation level
Sector Sapphirian
Faction Advanced United Sapphirian Republics
System Zethrydor
Natives Ty'Ger
Discovered 5552 (by the TEC, after the world was abandoned by the Ty'Ger after their uplifting by the Arc'Belaren
Discoverer Shirer Shrinen
Existent Yes
Faction History Carsannian Carsannian Empire ?-?

Imperium2 Psion Imperium ?-?

Carsannian Carsannian Empire ?-?

Aeronia Aeronian Dynasty ?-11.000

Carsannian Carsannian Empire 11,000-10.491

Aeronia Aeronian Dynasty 10,491-8752 BCE

Carsannian Carsannian Empire 8752-6602 BCE

TEC Tygotan Empire 5552-5525 BCE

USC United Sapphirian Colonies 5525-5502 BCE

SConfederacy Shrier Shrinen's Confederacy 5502-4502 BCE

Shirier2 Empire of Shrine 4502-2998 BCE

RoS First Shrine Republic 2998-2550 BCE

GNE Great Natogytt Empire 2550 BCE - 11 CE

NRS Second Shrine Republic 11- 222 (The Sapphirian Brain Plague occured and prevented Natogytts from organizing into large groups for centuries

ShrineStateFlag Satreon of Shrine 474-700

RoS2 Third Shrine Republic 700-2209

UTSEA Flag UTS Sapphirian Occupation 2208-2209

UTSEA UTSEA Sapphirian Occcupation 2209-2225

Dominion of Shrine Dominion of Shrine 2225-2338

Early FSR Shirian Empire 2338-2399

Republic Fourth Shrine Republic 2399-2492

Advanced United Sapphirian Republics 2492-?

Shrine is the capitol of the United Sapphirian Republics and the central hub for Shirian-Natogytt culture and one of the most heavily defended planets in the galaxy, it is the primary base of operations for all of USR's 72 Squadrons, it was the homeworld of the Ty'Ger but was abandoned when they were uplifted by the Arc'Belaren.

History Edit

Ty'Ger Lands Edit

Carsannian-Aeronian Clashes Edit

Shirier Shrinen's Discovery Edit

Revolt Edit

Empires and Republics Edit

Sapphirian Brain Plague Edit

The Third Shrine Republic Edit

The Great Cataclysm, Solar-Sapphirian War Edit

Terran Occupation Edit

Return of Shirian Power Edit

The Shrine Wars Edit

Election of Van Tego Edit

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