Shrine Wars (SA2)
Main Info
Date November 11, 2464 - March 3, 2492
Place Sapphirian Sector
Result Fourth Shrine Republic Victory, Royal Empire of Caustus Sniveria reorganized into Sniverian Protectorate, Omicron and Beta Squadrons disbanded from FSR, Leo Taigo elected Kal Nedis, Kenenaes sacrifices himself to save the Republic from Tashan's Coup attempt. Qina is depopulated to about 2% of it's original population and is taken over by USR two years later.
Major Battles Invasion of Kandearch

Rebellion in Saffron

Invasion of Sniveria

Battle of Beidruun

Battle of Yval Island

Force 1 Republic Fourth Shrine Republic

BF Boreluzian Federation

Kflag Kanderarch Self Defense Forces

Sukhoi Sukhoi Confederacy

Lanse Lanse Shirian Republic

Capri2 Marcadian Kingdom

HaEmpire Ha Empire

Jlader Jlader's Raiders of Lonia

Skytech SkyTech

Yy Yyerianist Republic of Topenon

Loyalist Old Loyalist Party

UTSEA UTSEA Expeditionary Fleet _____________________________________________

Force 2 REC Royal Empire of Caustus Sniveria

AbbadosK Abbadosi Kingdom

Hylogan Hylogan Directorate

Bor2 Confederation of the Hyl

Hala Halacava

Legopian Lekopian Alliance __________________________________________________

Force 3 Sedona2FK Qina Shipyards

SMG Saurian Miner's Guild

SedonaFlag Sedona Shipyards

Omicron Omicron Squadron

Beta Beta Squadron

AbbadosiRep Free Abbadosi Army _________________________________________________

Force 4 -
Leader 1 Republic Kal Nedis: Charad Kalkutta 2463-2473

Republic Kal Nedis: Machero Kinsei 2473-2483

Republic Kal Nedis: Chairo Durbluum 2483-2492

Republic Kal Nedis: Leo Taigo 2492-? ___________________________________________________

Leader 2 REC Raksire: Caustus 2453-2472

REC Raksire: Germandt 2472-2488

REC Raksire: Kormandt 2488-2492 __________________________________________________

Leader 3 Omicron Kommissar: Sliven Kliven

Beta Kommissar: Frake Tashan _________________________________________________

Leader 4 -
Army 1 68 Squadrons each of a million + troops


Millions of troops

Army 2 25 Million Sniverian Warriors


Millions of troops

Army 3 2 Squadrons of Millions of troops


Millions of troops

Army 4 -
Deaths 1 375,858,039 (Estimation)
Deaths 2 248,854,322 (Estimation)
Deaths 3 377,477,963 (Estimation) (Mostly from the battles on Qina)
Deaths 4 -
Previous Sniverian Invasion of Topenon
Next Basaran Kiev's War

History Edit

Prelude Edit

The First Decade (2464-2474) Edit

Intervention in Topenon Edit

A Natogytt Defeat Edit

Sniverian Expansion Edit

Clash over Laejoshima Edit

Siege of Guandu Edit

Battle of Beidruun Edit

The Second Decade (2474-2484) Edit

The Corporate Sector Edit

Satista Landawi's betrayal Edit

A Shirian Civil War Edit

Three way war Edit

SkyTech and UTSEA Intervention Edit

Battle of Kanderarch and the Yval Islands Edit

The Final years (2484-2492) Edit

Alfron Jlader's Rebellion Edit

Rise of Leo Taigo Edit

Invasion of Sniveria Edit

Kenenaes' Sacrifice Edit

End War Edit

Aftermath Edit

Sniverian Hold out hunts Edit

Age of Rebellion and Resistance Edit

Increased Terran Influence Edit

Viserak Reactions Edit

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