SkyTech Flag
Founded September 17, 2014
Defunct -
Race Terran
Denonym Blue-hat
Population 1,500,000
Leader Commander: Cheyanne Makenishi
Secondary lead General: Richard Partison
Head of State Commander
Currency Union Dollars
Official Language English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese
Formed from S.O.E, New USA and The Tygore Union
Strength 1,500,000
Founding Document Declaration of Unification
Preceded By 51star New USA

SoE Squadron of Extermination

TygoreFlag Tygore Union

Alliance UTSEA
Location Solarian Sector
Capitol Centerpoint Delta
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

SkyTech was founded by Matt Tygore , Draco Draliska and Carolina after the September 17th victory at MetroTech. It was founded 9 hours after the battle with the Executive Order 963. Thus the Tygore Union, Squadron of Extermination and New United States, were made as one.

Post-21st Century

SkyTech is now a major military wing of the UTSEA , they are currently lead by Cheyanne Makenishi. SkyTech specializes in Air and Space fighters along with infantry, though they do have access to their very own Harbinger class ships, they are very careful with them and only use them in defense.

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