Sky Tiger I
ST-1 nearing destination at Roma.
Vital statistics
Type Capitol Ship
Faction UTSEA: Earth Armada
Role Kaiser StratosTygo's Commandship
Contractor SkyTech
Primary Weapon Dual Hyper Electron Cannons
Secondary Weapon Many Flak Cannons and Kinetic Turrets
Created 2070
Creator 2500 designers and StratosTygo
Retired Destroyed in 2360 (Battle of Roma against Harchemp)
Service length 2071-2360
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 The SkyTiger I was the second in the SkyTiger Command ship series, it was built shortly before the Vramese defeat in 2073. It's construction heralded a new age for the Terrans it was one of the factors that kickstarted the "Imperialist Era" it was responsible for destroying over 50,000 vehicles in it's multi century history, unfortunately it's age got the best of it as in the 2340's it started falling into an irrepairable status.

During Harchemp's War, the Harchempian Fleet ambushed the SkyTiger and destroyed it along with killing the UTSEA's Fourth in command "Tanner Boyo".