Sky Tiger II
The SkyTiger II over Antarchtos
Vital statistics
Type Capitol Ship
Faction UTSEA: Imperial Squadron
Role Kaiser StratosTygo's Commandship
Contractor SkyTech
Primary Weapon Dual Hyper Electron Cannons
Secondary Weapon Many Flak Cannons and Kinetic Turrets
Created September 24th 2319
Creator 249 designers and StratosTygo
Retired Destroyed in 2505
Service length 2340-2505
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Small size

Sky Tiger II Logo

The Sky Tiger II is the 3rd in the Series of Sky Tiger Capitol Ships it was created during the

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The Sky Tiger II with a Confederate paint job.

Terran Invasions of the Sapphirian Sector. This Ship saw combat from 2445-2505 when a group of Terran Rebels invaded and destroyed the ship, the Sky Tiger II's remains crash landed on planet Aridias the locals report it to be haunted although these claims could not be confirmed.

Post Crash EraEdit

by the year 2777 the UTSEA was losing it's grip on the Frontier worlds in the Southern Sector including Planet Aridias the Aridians began working on the Sky Tiger remains and successfully reactiviated the ship they and other rebel factions attacked planet Borelus (The UTSEA-Sapphiran wing Capitol) for days until StratosTygo arrived in his Sky Tiger VII which downed the Sky Tiger II which crashed on planet Borelus into it's giant ocean (Hatilus)

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Sky Tiger Crashsite Planet Aridias 2763

The Sky Tiger II laid in the ocean until 2879 when the Confederation was founded the Confederate general Jacobi Taigo (Descendant of Spitter Taigo) found the Ship and by 2880 it had been reactivated by Jacobi's forces shortly after Jacobi became ruler of the Confederation until 2884 when StratosTygo had returned and destroyed the Confederation the Sky Tiger II was captured and relocated back to Earth to be used as a Space Station it was like that until 3999 when StratosTygo left control of the Galaxy to his 4 sons where the Sky Tiger II was split into 4 large chunks that later became relics and started a Faux holy war.