Skywing Covenant
SkyWing Crest
Founded July 21st 2335
Defunct Still Active
Race Terran/Zarnian/Krovan/Natogytt
Denonym Skylene/Covenant
Population 12,525,000,000
Leader President: Richard Parley
Secondary lead Vice President: Eris Fanner
Head of State President
Currency Credits
Official Language English, Chinese, Spanish, German
Formed from UTSEA break-away factions
Strength Skywing Defense Force
Founding Document Psionist Covenant
Preceded By SkyTechReb SkyTech Rebels
Alliance Centerpoint Alliance/Axis of Freedom
Location Planet Amerigo, Sumer, Roma and 36 others/ Solarian Sector
Capitol Amerigo
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

 The SkyWing Covenant is a Terran Federal Democratic government in the Solarian Sector, bordered by: The UTSEA, Zarnian Empire, Krovan Empire and Vramese Empire, they are always on the edge, ready to go to war. As the name implies many of it's founders were formerly members of SkyTech.


in 2328 the last vestiges of the religious Terrans on Earth were expelled to planet Amerigo, the religious Psionsists however were adept at politics and trade, they also made a deal with the Kaiser, 50% of their resources would go directly to the UTSEA Science and Psionics research division in exchange for independence, the Kaiser oblidged and allowed them space to forge their own nation, although there were conflicts between these factions including the Second Strife, they remained relatively close allies. 

Centerpoint Alliance

After the Allied forces were victorious at the and of the Dark Passenger Intercession the SkyWing covenant and UTSEA's bonds grew as the Centerpoint Alliance leader was appointed from planet Amerigo, because of this, the Axis of Freedom broke their alliance with them calling them "traitors"