Vital statistics
Type Terrestrial
Climate Martian w/ Breathable atmosphere
Sector Sapphirian
Faction Royal Sniverian Republic
System He-Dran (Position 72)
Natives Sniverian
Discovered -
Discoverer -
Existent yes
Faction History Loyalist Sniverian Kingdom 2425-2453

Royalist Royal Imperial Senate 2453-2460

Royalist Royal Empire of Sniveria 2460-2492

REC Sniverian Republic 2492-?

Sniveria is an iron rich planet in the Sapphirian Sector.


Sniverian Civil WarEdit


A battle of the Sniverian Civil War

The Royalists gathered an army and stormed the Tech armory at Brukaro, stealing hundreds of advanced pieces of technology, the Sniverian Space Marines were sent to pacify them but after seeing the turmoil the people in the surrounding area of Ulacenk faced, they defected and fought against their own government allowing the Royalists to gain ground. The war would drag on for over a decade falling in favor for the Xenophobic Royalists.

After the Loyalists were defeated at Bac-haigu in early 2451, they slipped spies into a Royalist comm relay and sent a distress call, within months the SR picked up the call and rallied their forces, the Kal Nedis sent seven squadrons to assist the rebels, unfortunately because of a possible war against the Boreluzians he couldn't afford to send any more. Instead, the Kal Nedis made an agreement with StratosTygo in exchange for a large cache of resources, the Kaiser sent a 3500 strong SkyTech force to help the SR .

in 2453 the Loyalist leadership was destroyed at the siege of Y'aloun, the Loyalist remnants fell apart and began surrendering across the planet, Kaiser StratosTygo opted to glass the planet, something the Kal Nedis oppposed, the Kaiser ordered SkyTech to return home leaving the SR the only fighting force left, as the Abbadossi rebels and Pelletari pirates began growing in number combined with rising tensions between the SR and Boreluzian Federation, the SR was forced to pull back and leave the planet.

Shrine WarsEdit

After the Sniverians declared war against the Shrine Republic the SR was ready to fight back, eventually the Royal Empire was losing and Sniveria was a target.


A Sniverian Soldier

The invasion began with massive bombardment campaigns were ordered and with new advances in technology the SR forces were starting to kill off the enemy forces more efficiently city after city was being conquered and finally the captiol itself. one last ditch effort to win the war was launched by Germandt himself as he planned to ram his ship into the SR command ship over the planet potentially killing 14 valuable officers, Kenenaes Hartaes in his own ship attempted to shoot down the enemy, but nothing would work, he realized the only way to protect the officers is to sacrifice himself, and he did, he rammed his ship into Germandt's causing in impressive explosive that rightfully signified the end of the war.

Three days later, Admiral Kormandt surrendered, the war was won, but the SR was broken, Chairo Durblum abdicated and Leo Taigo was elected and reformed the SR into the United Sapphirian Republics which in itself opened up a whole new can of worms.

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