Son's and Daughter's of Sovius
Founded 2510
Defunct 2519
Race Terran
Denonym SDS-en
Population 46,000
Leader Unknown
Secondary lead Unknown
Head of State Unknown
Currency Unknown
Official Language English/Russian
Formed from UTSEA: Sovius Colonial Militia
Strength Unknown
Founding Document Unknown
Preceded By SoviusFleet UTSEA: Sovius Colonial Militia
Alliance Axis of Freedom
Location Sovius
Capitol New Kruxxane
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}


Civil Strife

With the civil war between the UTSEA and many of it's disillusioned officers continuing, the Axis of Freedom led by Commander: Noemi Cerda and her coalition of rebels, pirates, freedom fighters and mercenaries arrived on Sovius, her childhood home and landed her forces around the city of Kruxanne initially successful in their campaign at driving out the UTSEA, the AoF managed to trap James Albert Ranson, the UTSEA commander sent to pacify any rebellions.

After an argument and a failed attempt at an alliance between Cerda's forces and Ranson's, James was broken out of his cell by one of Cerda's own crew members, Ranson managed to call the UTSEA who sent Callen Harmon to flash freeze the planet as a show of force. Noemi Cerda's forces were defeated and escaped the planet with minimal losses just prior to the attack.

The survivors of the attack hid underground for weeks before finally reaching the surface and vowing revenge, it's not known who founded the Sons and Daughters of Sovius but it was an immediate and large scale rebellion.

The Singular Success, The Attack on Northburg

During the Second Strife and the war between the UTSEA, the Kaiser's Elite Guard and the anti-UTSEA Coalition, a 500 strong SoDS force descends on Earth in the ensuing chaos and launched a homicidal assault on the District of Canada City of "Northburg" killing 5700 people before the force was killed off by UTSEA forces.

The UTSEA assumed the attack was part of the war and nothing to do with Sovius until 2524.

The Founding of a new nation

By 2519 Sovius was habitable oncemore and most of the SoDS returned to the planet and founded the Sovius Government. in 2526 Sovius politicians payed 75 Billion credits to the UTSEA for damages in the Attack on Northburg.

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