After Thaw (2513)
Vital statistics
Type Terrestrial
Climate Earthlike
Sector Solarian
Faction Sons and Daughter's of Sovius
System Lenin
Natives none
Discovered 1988 (Soviet Scientists)

2099 (UTSEA Colonists)

Discoverer 1988 (Alexandr Novarov)

2099 (Seamus Wilson)

Existent Yes, but heavily damaged by Frost Cores
Faction History {{{Faction History}}}
Sovius is a planet in the Solarian Sector, once had a massive population is now a mere shadow of itself, after the Second Sector Wars and the Frost Core attack.

It is now back to normal climate wise but it's population is only 22% of the size that it once was.

The AoF attempted to liberate Sovius but after Noemi Cerda mistakenly let James Ranson live, he contacted the Kaiser who sent a fleet to eliminate the uprising with the frost cores, James Ranson however felt this unnessary but was forced to comply.

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