Spitter Lacereon VII
Born 2/24/2469 Antieta (Kanderarch)
Died Still alive
Race Natogytt
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Yellow
Faction Republic Shrine Republic
Occupation Retired Officer
Faction History Republic Shrine Republic 2469-2495

Advanced United Sapphirian Republics 2495-

Spitter Lacereon VII is part of the Lacereon family clan, younger brother of Lacereon VI he joined the military in 2490 and fought fiercely to keep the Shrine Republic safe from the Royal Empire.

Role in the Shrine Wars & Basaran Kiev's War

Lacereon VII fought alongside his older brother with Epsilon Squadron during the last two years of the Shrine Wars, however after the setback at the battle of Yakopo, Topenon, he and many others were moved to Alpha Squadron.


in August of 2491 Lacereon left Alpha squadron and returned to his home at Kanderarch , however the military found the he was infact awol, and chased him, he happened upon the residence of Basaran Kiev who resolved the ordeal and took Lacereon under his wing.

When Basaran Kiev began open warfare against the New USR, Lacereon joined him and became his second in command, he eventually fought against his own brother Lacereon VI on Planet Stratis in 2493 though he was defeated by his brother's superior skills and strategy.

The Kommandant

Lacereon came to lead the Insurrectionists after Kiev's death, though he would lead his armies for two weeks, he was completely inexperienced in such a conflict and surrendered.

Lacereon VII was arrested and imprisoned at the Qina high Security prison for five years until he was bailed by his brother, soon after he layed low and retired.

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