Star Adairis Sector Wars V.2
Series:Star Adairis V.2, Episode I
Release Date TBA
Created by StratosTygo
Characters _____________

Noemi Cerda

Rigel Arcasi

Gerard Tygore


Matt Tygore

Episode guide
Star Adairis: Civil Conflict V.2

Star Adairis Sector Wars V.2 is a StarCraft II variant to the StarCraft BW: series Star Adairis, the story has been altered and more focus put into events and character interactions, though the basic fundamental elements remain, new additions include prologue campaign, as well as the creation of four distinct races that are true to the source material.


Episode 0 Prologue Campaign: Takes place during the 2496 Kanderarch Incident

Episode I Call To Arms, Natogytt Campaign: Takes place between 2503-2505

Episode II The Hunt For Glory, Viserak Campaign: Takes place in 2505

Episode III The Invasion, Kandlia Campaign: Takes place between 2505-2506

Episode IV Retribution, Terran Campaign: Takes place between 2506-2507

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