Star Adairis The Frozen Tide
SeriesStar Adairis, Episode IV
Release Date TBA
Created by StratosTygo
Characters __________________

Aleksandr Wilson

Azular Anteron


Arov Spherianus

Episode guide
Star Adairis Civil Conflict

Star Adairis The Frozen Tide is the last planned campaign pack for Star Adairis, includes Five Campaigns, and a mostly new cast of characters.


Episode XIII The Kaiser's First Strike, Terran Campaign takes place in 2550

Episode XIV The Agency Wars, Natogytt Campaign, takes place between 2551-2552

Episode XV Age of the Four Swarms, Kandlia Campaign, takes place between 2552-2553

Episode XVI Gerard's Legacy, Viserak Campaign, takes place between 2553-2554

Episode XVII The Final Clash, Allied Forces Campaign, takes place between 2554-2555

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