Star Adairis The Great Secession
SeriesStar Adairis, Episode III
Release Date TBA
Created by StratosTygo
Characters ________


Saolang Chun

Ionus Maardin

Zach Jenson

Episode guide
Star Adairis Civil Conflict
Star Adairis The Frozen Tide

Star Adairis The Great Secession is a StarCraft II variant to the StarCraft BW: series Star Adairis, the story has been altered and more focus put into events and character interactions, though the basic fundamental elements remain, new additions include Four side campaigns, as well as the creation of Five distinct races that are true to the source material.


Episode IX The Imperial Director, Kandlia Campaign: Takes place in 2517

Episode X From the Ashes, Natogytt Campaign: Takes place in 2519

Episode XI The Golden Age, Viserak Campaign: Takes place between 2520-2521

Episode XII The Arbiter of Order, Terran Campaign: Takes place between 2522-2523

Side Campaign I Fall of Antarctica, Kandlia Campaign: Takes place between 2518-2519

Side Campaign II Kal Nedis Regent, Natogytt Campaign: Takes place in 2519

Side Campaign III Guardians of Solion, Viserak Campaign: Takes place in 2520

Side Campaign IV Darkness Rising, Dark Ty'Ger Campaign: Takes place in 2523

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