Star Beacon
Adairin Star Beacon
Vital statistics
Type Psion Imperial, Hyper-Amplification Structure
Effects Amplification of various wavelengths
Purpose Amplifier
Faction Boreluzian







Legal Status UTSEA and Allies.
Created  ?
Creator Psion imperium

Boreluzian Federation

Boralissian Empire

UTSEA: Imperial Squadron

Obsolete Still in use
The Star Beacon is a powerful amplifier structure originally designed by the Psion Imperium, eventually two of it's successors, Boralissian Empire and the Boreluzian Federation would continue constructing them across their sectors, in recent decades the UTSEA also began constructing them as well, while having little connections with the Psion Imperium.

The Psion ImperiumEdit

During the Early days of the Psion Imperium after the Fall of Telaron, The Psion Imperium sought to construct a defense measure to counter their two rivals, the Kandlia and Star Relicants., they were built at least 122,000 years ago.

Their initial design was to lock on to the DNA or TDNA signatures of the two species and kill them, instead, tests showed that it would control limited numbers of these species during one of their many conflicts, however once the three factions stalemated and found peace with eachother, the technology was banned, but not destroyed, the Psion Imperium and their daughter empires would take care of them for millenia.

Boralissian EmpireEdit

in the 5,000's BCE the Boralissian Empire continued building the Star Beacons around the Emeraldii Sector likely to solidify their rule, the last one was built when the Empire fell in 4,981 BCE.

The Boreluzian FederationEdit

Another faction with ties to the Psion Imperium continued constructing the Star Beacons as well that is until the fifth Natogytt Civil War of the 2600's BCE, the star beacons would no longer be built by anyone until Terran explorers discovered one on Borelus .